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Welcome to iogames.games - a free online source for the best and newest io games! Play hundreds of io games like Slither.io, Skribbl.io, Krunker.io, Shell Shockers, and many more for free online.

If you are tired of games that require account registration or if you feel that current MMO games are too complicated and confusing to start, then IO games are just what you need. 


IO Games are free browser-based multiplayer games with minimal graphics and few mechanisms. In fact, the name of the IO game genre is derived from the domain name .io, a country's top-level domain name of British Indian Ocean Territory.

The first two famous games of this genre, Agar.io, and Slither.io, both used the .io extension in their domain names. So the .io extension became the standard factor for the genre. 



.io games have become increasingly popular in recent years as these games don't require players to download or install anything. You can play them regardless of your computer or mobile configuration.


IO games are also famous for ít simplicity. You can simply jump into a game and play instantly. There are no complicated rules.

Multiplayer mode

You can compete with millions of players around the world. This makes the game experience becomes much more enjoyable and entertaining. Many .io games feature a chat section and you can interact with other players.


There are thousands of io games available online for free. The well-known Agar.io is the creator of the IO series of games, which has gained the attention of millions of players all over the world. Other well-known games, such as Slither.io, Diep.io, Limax.io, and others, were produced as a result of his thumbprint. To begin the game, all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Each of the games has distinct and interesting content. You may play as a snake that must defeat the other snakes in order to gain the lead. Every year, data passing gains in popularity, primarily in io games for agility, flexibility, and creativity. And it's all right here, whichever game you choose!

There are many io games available and it's hard to choose which one to play. Here's the list of the best IO games in 2022.

Top 10 IO Games in 2022:

1. Diep.io

2. Krunker io

3. Aquapark.io

4. Splix.io

5. Squid Game.io

6. WormsZone.io

7. Paper.io

8. Hole.io

9. Slither.io

10. Agar.io

In addition to the famous games above, you can play emerging games like Little Big Snake - also known as an upgraded version of Slither.io. Or first-person shooter games like Ev.io, Shellshocker.io, venge.io,... or racing genres like Smash Karts.


Are io games free to play? The answer is yes. This is a reliable website for the most comfortable and fun gaming experience. New games are daily updated with the desire to bring the latest and best games to players. All games on our website are completely free to play. No download is required. All you need is a technological device (PC, Android, iOS mobile device) with an internet connection.

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