About is a fun version of Snake game. You start as a small snake and collect worms around the arena to get bigger. There are many snakes that are also trying to grow and become the biggest and they will try to attack you. You must survive as long as you can. Defend and attack wisely while eating orbs to dominate the arena.

At the beginning of the game, you must try to absorb the orbs scattered around the place to grow bigger. You will lose the game when you collide with other snakes, no matter how small or how big you and the opponent are. You can take advantage of this to take down other players. Use the speed boost and cut in front of other snakes quickly to get them to hit on your tail. When a snake dies, it will explode and become orbs. You can collect these orbs to grow.

Can you grow the longest snake in game?

Game Features:

Smooth gameplay

High precision gameplay

Compete with players around the world

Classic snake game mechanics

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How to play

Use your mouse to move the snake.

Left-click to boost speed.

You can also select different game controls in the Settings.

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