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About Hole IO

Hole.io is a free arcade io game developed by Voodoo. In this game, you start as a small black hole moving around and consuming various objects that can fit the hole to grow your size. As the hole gets bigger, you can swallow larger objects and smaller black holes. If an object is too big and it can't fall into your hole, it may block the way and prevent you from consuming other items. 

Hole.io game features 2 different game modes including Classic mode and Battle Royale. In the Classic mode, the goal is to grow the biggest hole in a limited amount of time. You can try batlling against multiple players in the Battle Royale mode and be the last hole standing to win.

The game also has various maps that can make the experience more entertaining. You can choose from farms, cities, medieval themes, and many other maps.

Release date

June 2018



Hole.io is free to play on different platforms including PC, Android, iOS.

How to play

Move with your mouse.

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