About is a survival io game that takes place on an island. You have to collect resources, craft weapons, build your base, and try to survive. 

How to play

It's time to jump into the wild and try to survive at all costs. game was inspired by Minecraft and ARK Survival game. And it features similar game mechanics.


In this game, you have to explore an island and try to survive. To do that, you need to mine and collect different resources, craft weapons, and build huge bases to defend. There are many players around and they have the same goal as you. So they will also try to attack you. There are many things that you need to do. 

Defend and Attack

It is important to build a strong base so that you can defend yourself and stay alive against other players. You can form clans, cooperate with your friends to raid enemy bases.

Craft Items

There are numerous items that you can gather to craft new items. 

Multiplayer mode

This game can be played both solo and multiplayer. So you can create or join a server with your friends.

Game Controls:

WASD to move.

C to crouch.

Space to jump.

Enter to chat.

Tab to open inventory.


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