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Retro Bowl is the ideal game for the armchair quarterback to finally make his or her point. The game, which is presented in a glorious retro style, has simple roster management, including press duties and the handling of fragile egos, and you get to call the shots on the field.

The Retro Bowl is the ideal opportunity for the armchair quarterback to demonstrate their worth once and for all. The gameplay consists of straightforward roster management, which includes the handling of fragile egos and press duties. On the field, however, you get to make all of the decisions. The game is presented in a gloriously retro style.

Consider owning an NFL franchise and being able to do whatever you want with it. Retro Bowl allows you to expand your roster and handle your press duties while keeping your team and fans happy. The game allows you to pilot the team of your dreams and see how it performs against the game's opponents. The game also includes a story in which certain events occur and choices must be made as the game is played.

There are numerous strategies and endless ways to customize your team to ensure the game never gets boring. You can quickly improve or rebuild your team with the assistance of free agency. Retro Bowl is the ideal combination of control and auto-play!

The game is playable on all devices and, if desired, can be sized to full screen on this website. To enter and exit full screen mode, click the icon in the game's bottom right corner.

Go ahead and have some fun! Create the team of your dreams and compare it to the others.

Please keep in mind that the game begins with a tutorial the first time you play. The tutorial will teach you how to play, and once finished, the game can be played freely.

In a Retro Bowl, how do you throw a bullet pass?

You must return to normal passing by pulling back with your finger on the screen. When you're ready to pass, use another finger to tap on the screen to convert your throw into a bullet pass.

How to play

Control the football players with the mouse/trackpad as they pass, run, and dive.

Swipe left, right, down, and up on your mobile device to control the football players as they pass, run, and dive.


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