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About Moto X3M

Moto X3M is a difficult time trial game with an obstacle course. There are 22 stages in the game, each of which presents a unique challenge and allows you to pull off acrobatics on your motocross bike. Put your helmet on, ratchet up the speed, and sprint to the finish line! When you first start racing the Moto X3M, navigating the many hazards that pop up on each brand-new course will need a certain amount of trial and error. When finishing levels, mistakes will cost you time and lower your score. Drive quickly but cautiously around any new obstacles. You will lose time for each error, and the star rating you receive at the conclusion of each level will decrease. Let's execute some huge leaps now! You may conduct stunts that raise your overall score.


How to play

Control button

Press up arrow to accelerate
Balance your motorcycle with the left and right arrow keys
Brake by pressing down arrow key
Perform flips and other stunts for extra time
Avoid causing an accident


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