Starblast is a highly addicting shooting game with a space theme. You will command a little ship and begin gathering gems to boost your attributes. Once you've reached the maximum stat requirements for a specific ship, you'll have the opportunity to evolve it into a different sort of spaceship with a different weapon set type and overall numbers.

How to play
This game may be played either quietly, by avoiding other players and mining gem rocks until you're powerful enough to defend yourself, or actively, by attempting to attack other players when they're roaming or farming, which is, in my opinion, more enjoyable. In my experience with the game, the larger ships typically have friends who join them out of fear of being destroyed or just because they know them; hence, it is highly essential that you either make a friend in-game or bring one with you.

You can either use the arrow keys to operate your ship and the space bar to shoot, or you can use the mouse. When using the mouse, you navigate by holding down the right mouse button and dragging while firing with the left mouse button. I like this method since it gives you greater control over your motions.


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