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About Territorial io

Territorial.io is an io strategy game in which participants compete to extend their own countries. In games involving up to 500 people, you may defend your region, grow, and conquer the map.

How to Play
Discover and subjugate the planet
Play on many maps across the globe, from Europe and Singapore to the whole planet. Determine the strength of your army and use strategic gameplay to protect your region and conquer new territory. To build your strength, make peace, send supplies, and work with your neighbors.

Fight in online strategic conflicts
Territorial.io uses the "grow" elements that make IO games so addicting and combines them with actual strategy for a new experience. There are options for singleplayer with bots and multiplayer with up to 500 people.

Combines intelligent strategy with addicting IO action. Play online with up to 500 people.
Use the singeplayer mode to train
Available for free on all devices

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