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About Smash Karts is a free batlle arena game in which you must drive a kart, pick up weapons in secret boxes, and smash other karts to win.

In this game, you can battle against your friends or real-time players. There are up to 8 players in each round. The player with the most kills after 3 minutes. The XP that you get after each round can be used to level up. When you reach a new level, you are rewarded with different items, from hats, wheels, coins, to tokens. The character tokens can be used to unlock new characters.

There are several boxes scattered around the arena. Drive over these boxes to collect random weapons and power-ups.

You can customize the kart in your own style. There is a wide range of items including helmets, hats, wheels, skins, holiday items. is a free online io game that you can play on PC, Android, iOS.

Release date

March 2020


Smash Karts was developed by Tall Team.

How to play

WASD or arrow keys to drive your kart.

Space to fire weapons.

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