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About Ev IO

Ev.io is a multiplayer first-person shooter game where you must defeat the enemies with your weapons and get the most number of kills.

The game features two game modes. In Free For All, you play against real-time players and try to score the most number of kills. In Team Deathmatch, you must work with your teammates for the highest number of kills.

There is a wide range of weapons scattered around the map including guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and many more. You can collect them to defeat the enemies. Your character also possesses different abilities like teleport, stamina, double jump, triple jump.

Ev.io features various levels with science fiction elements.

Release date

January 2021

How to play

WASD - Move.

Space - Jump.

Shift - Run.

Left click - Shoot.

Right click - Aim.

Q - Use abilities.

G - Grenade.

1 - 4 - Change weapons.


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