About is a survival game in the style of Minecraft. Players go into a pixelated cave to find other players and collect resources.

How to play

You can mine for gold in caves or use a gold generator to get it. Gold is what determines where you stand on the list.

Look for wood and gather as much of it as you can to start the game. This will let you make guns and tools. Do something to get diamonds so you can mine faster and get better gear and guns. Find a mob spawner and build a base near it once you have a lot of resources. Start farming and put gold producers in your base to make it bigger.

In order to get better armor and weapons, you should start killing mobs once your base is strong. This will give you experience points. Once you're happy with how strong your armor and weapons are, you can go find other players and attack their homes. You will get gold and other resources as you do this, making you the best miner ever!

Have fun and good luck!

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