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About 2D Paintball

You can play 2D Paintball in your computer browser for free. It's a high-quality, real-time, multiplayer, strategic paintball game. 

How to play

Moving your person is easy; just press the WASD keys.

Aim with the MOUSE, but don't look away from your player! Keep your bunkers close together and look for good shooting positions. Remember that if you hit them, they might hit you back, so be careful and move your opponents around.

To shoot, quickly press and hold both the left and right mouse buttons. To shoot the best ropes, try to get into a fast beat (walk the trigger).

To shoot, press the left mouse button. To pump, press the right mouse button. To shoot a little faster, try to get into a regular rhythm.

Press Q or E to move the marking from the left shoulder to the right shoulder. If you use this right, you can play your corners extra tight and leave yourself as little open as possible while you take those snapshots.

Have fun and good luck!

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