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About Acolyte Fight!

Acolyte Fight  is a multiplayer action game in which players learn to control the speed, distance, and behavior of every shot they fire with their strong laser beam. Learn to anticipate the path of each assault and evade your hazardous adversaries who are out to defeat you at any cost. Will you be the final survivor?

Steer your powerful spacecraft with ease, fire at just the perfect moment to eliminate your opponents, put your remarkable reflexes to the test, and find a method to reach the top of the scoreboard - become number one and have fun!

How to play Acolyte Fight

Use the mouse to maneuver and aim
To cast spells, use the keyboard
This is a skillshot game, strong players can avoid every assault and aim towards where they predict their adversary will go.


Aim at where your adversary is heading, not where they are.
Don't forget to dodge! Step to the side to avoid being struck. The majority of spells are slow enough to be completely avoided.
Select your playstyle - knockback, damage, melee, lifesteal, etc. Discover spell combos that work well together to boost your setup.

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