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About Adventure Land

You can run, jump, bounce, and swing on plants in Adventure Land to help Banana Kong avoid a huge banana avalanche. 

How to play

The game doesn't have a chat room. Bring yourself closer to your partner so you can talk.

First, use lower partners to improve your skills, and then follow your path to your goal. Don't forget to get guns and safety gear. So, first measure the health, protection, and damage of other players, think about your chances, and then attack. It's most important to be careful. In this case, it's hard to beat a bigger enemy with your skills alone.


  • Left click, to move your character.
  • Right click, to interact with objects on the map. Shoot, if it’s an enemy. Communicate, if it’s a good character. Enter, if it’s an entrance to the pit.1 – Improve health
  • 2 – Enlarge your mana points
  • I - Inventory
  • C – Choose the character
  • F – Activate the nearest door or the nearest Bot
  • R – Use your main ability
  • N – show names
  • ESC – cancel something or hide the menu
  • X – teleport to the city

Have fun and good luck!


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