About is an online multiplayer game with features that are similar to the famous games and 

How to play

A very small cell plays this game. Your goal is to eat more cells without getting eaten.

In, you can fight with other cells by taking their space and making yours bigger. On one side are the cells of players, their viruses, and obstacles. On the other side are the cells of opponents.

You can use the computer mouse or keyboard to move the player's cell around the field. The goal for each person is to use their cells to move over and eat smaller cells. A player's own cell can be broken up into smaller pieces that let them move faster or encircle and eat close cells.

Teams and Free for All are the two types of games you can play. It's possible to change how your game cells look with skins. This is where you can learn more about It will be fun for you.

Have fun and good luck!

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