Among Us IO - Survival game featuring the characters of astronauts, impostors of the Among Us crew, blended with the very popular style of predatory snake. The upcoming release of a new multiplayer arena inspired by Between Us will astound everyone. Every online game is a life-and-death struggle. It includes well-known, colorful characters and their characteristic, entertaining animation. However, they must battle for survival in a new manner this time. This conflict is a war for the land and the defense of its boundaries. Draw them using the hero's footprints, same like in Crash into the incomplete outlines of other players to remove them. Just be cautious and prevent the adversary from doing the same. Be agile, think a few steps ahead, and you will reach the top of the server.

How to play 

The crew is controlled by moving the mouse cursor. Alternatively, you may move about by using the Arrow or WASD keys. The area of the same hue is the safe zone. Permit it to extend its sphere of influence. Complete the line by returning to the starting point. Do not let anybody to stop the completion of the transparency route. Otherwise, they will murder you and you will lose all progress.

After a long day, unwind and play the free game. Establish control of the space station in a faraway galaxy. Adapt your tactics to the circumstances and crush anybody who stands in your path. Paint the whole surface with the color of the main character for the greatest score.


Rapid-fire gaming with no space for hesitation or error
Vivid 2D images produced from above and optimized for the most major web browsers.
Comfortable controls for all player types, regardless of the device they like.
Join a round and compete against individuals from other nations. Invade their territory or occupy vacant regions of the map. Be ambitious, but avoid becoming too greedy and irresponsible. Be careful and gain success by tiny measures.

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