About is a multiplayer IO game that takes you on an underwater journey. It is the successor to Begin as a small school of Queen fish and expand as you swim. On your voyage, you will encounter a variety of ocean inhabitants, some of which will happily join your school while others may go to war. may be played on Poki to become the actual ruler of the sea!

Utilize the mouse cursor to control your Queen fish.
To attack, use the left mouse button or the W key.
To combine your animals, use the right mouse button or the Space bar.
Long-press the right mouse button or the space bar to consume your own animals.
Utilize the mouse wheel or the + and - buttons to zoom in and out.

How to play
Start the game with one Queen fish. Feed it marine foods. Piranhas will be born to queen fish. Grow and combine your school of fish to make it stronger. Meet various marine inhabitants and include them into your school. Obviously, battle other players!
Safeguard your Queen fish. Your game is over if your Queen fish dies. The quickest method to increase your school size is to beat the other player's Queen fish and capture their school. Nevertheless, it is also more hazardous.
Gather free ocean inhabitants; they will join your school. Best wishes on your ocean voyage!

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