There is a world under the water that is both beautiful and dangerous. Sharks and other dangerous animals hide behind every rock and shipwreck! In, you can only stay alive if you are fast and smart.

How to play

You start the game as a small, quick, and jumpy fish. But as you eat plankton cells, you get bigger and scarier until you can eat your opponents. If you pause for even two seconds, someone else will eat you.

When you eat more, you get bigger, which gives you more power and lets you eat fish that are much smaller than you. As you get bigger, you'll move much more slowly, so you'll have to fight other slow fish and the odd small fish that get too close.

You can play as a normal fish or an electric fish. There are a lot of different fish to pick from. Try to get as many points as you can and get better!

Have fun and good luck!

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