About is a tough game of smarts and tactics. You can pick any of your 4 skill shots, and each one does something different. 

How to play

The goal is to get to the TOP and stay there. You need to use your skills well and shoot well to do this. You get experience points that add up to levels when you destroy small dark red cubes. You get HP points for every level, which are very helpful in the fight for the throne.

There is a special way to pick the skills. There are four colored rectangles on the main page. These aren't skills; they're entry keys 1 through 4. There will be five cards when you click on any line. There are five cards and five skills. You can give each key a different function. You can pick similar skills, but they won't depend on each other in a fight. There will be a cool-down for each ball. You can try out all of your skills and pick the one that works best for you.

Have fun and good luck!

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