About is a simple and engaging game. There is a fight between archers in this game, your task is to recruit as many gray stragglers by moving your character to their position. Grow your team into an invincible army. Good luck!!! is an online video game that focuses on action. This is one of our favorite action games for mobile devices, and we always make time to play it. To start having fun, all you have to do is click the large play button. Check out Shootin' Buddies or Master Archer if you're looking for more games like this one to add to your collection. is an online 3D game that 92.76% of 350 players enjoy. In the game, players must control their archers, move around the game map, and recruit more teammates to increase the size of their battle. Players' combat effectiveness will improve as the combat scale increases. When confronted with fewer archers than themselves, they can advance to destroy each other and add the number of each other to their own team. When you encounter a team with a larger number of members than yourself, you should avoid it as soon as possible.

How to play

Click or tap to control


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