About is an insane io game in which you must compete in as many venues as possible! Yet, there are other activities available in this open world game. Participate in tasks, purchase all available stuff from the store, and interact with various objects across the area. Find all of's adversaries. There are some that are exclusive to the arena and others that are exclusive to other regions, so you must unlock everything to view all of the available possibilities. Furthermore, ensure that you are powerful enough to survive the arena, since if you die, you will lose everything. You may prevent this by playing on the children's mode, but there are no awards at the end.

How to play

To win the game, you must purchase every item in the store, win every arena, and complete every assignment. You lose all progress if you die in the arena, so I'll do it last. I will accomplish the missions that are supposed to be the easiest initially. There are several tasks in each level, and you may attempt them as many times as you choose. After finishing the assignments, I will have sufficient funds to purchase armor and weapons for the arena. After finishing the arena, it will be possible to purchase everything and finish the game. But, if after finishing all arenas and tasks you do not have enough money to purchase everything, I will give you the money from the highest level I have unlocked. There are other little opportunities to earn money surrounding the stage, so I will pursue these as well. That's all the advise I can provide; best of luck and have fun!


W, A, S, D or arrow keys - move
E - interact
Space/Left click - attack with equipped weapon
Mouse - navigate the menu
If you don't like the keybind to interact with, you can change it in the settings.

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