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About Arras io is a multiplayer tank game in which you and your allies compete against the opposing squad. Welcome to a game in which you acquire points and levels by killing other players and bosses and staying alive! The objective is to capture the area of the map before your opponent's team wins the battle. As you complete the correct goals, you will gain experience points that may be used to purchase great tank upgrades. Invest 42 upgrade points in 10 distinct skills and select one of 110 unique tanks to conquer the arena and become the leader. Additionally, you can modify these keybindings in the settings menu. In addition, you have access to additional themes and choices, such as auto-leveling and low graphics. In addition, there are links to other resources, such as a custom theme builder, a gaming proxy, and a private server template where you may develop your own bespoke tank!


How to play

  • WASD to move
  • Click to shoot

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