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About Astro Race

Astro Race is an io racing game with a space motif. In this ultra-fast, ultra-futuristic racing game, you pilot a hypersonic spacecraft and compete for first place against other players. With judicious use of the enhance function, you can gain the lead, maintain it with aggressive driving, and earn gold to be the greatest player of the day. Drift along the track's edges to increase your speed and boost, bump into other racers to throw them off their game, be combative, and win! Reach the highest division and contend against the world's most ferocious competitors! Astro Race is the first IO game to feature drifting and racing!

How to play Astro Race

Minimalistic graphics in 2D.
Space-themed competition.
There are four competitors in a race.
Numerous courses to perform with varying difficulties.
Unlock new spacecraft designs and hues.


Desktop: Left/Right Arrows = ascend Arrow = increase
Mobile: Left-hand tap: turn left Tap the right button: turn right Tap on the left and right: accelerate

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