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Backrooms Game is a fantastic escape-horror game for adrenaline junkies. If you don't want to face the most terrifying monster, never stop running!

How to play Backrooms Game


Your character walks into The Backrooms Game's mysterious rooms and hallways. All of them are old and stale because they haven't been used in ages. To win Backrooms Game online, use your wits to locate the quickest way out

Discover everything in this building to construct a superb plan. This phase involves exiting. But don't be too delighted, you'll soon face a difficulty. Explore the room. You'll find random, useless objects. They're pointers to solving all assignments, so don't overlook them. Who scribbled some notes? Maybe it's a fantastic signal because the last player had the same goal as you, or maybe it's your opponent's lousy tactic to mislead you.

Horror games with distinctive noises are no longer strange. This backrooms wiki's noise may come from a corner. Please come. Then this monster isn't your friend. As you explore the universe, it gets harder to tell if mysterious happenings are real or imagined. Keep focused; depart immediately. There are alternatives to your final, so don't be upset.

Backrooms levels

Level 0: This area of The Backrooms' original shot is called the "Corridor." Rotting carpet, yellow walls, and fluorescent lighting are all obvious. "Hunting dogs" are hostile and deformed.
Level 1: leaving the "noclip zone" and playing at Level 0 unlocks The Backrooms. There will be a lot of machinery, with fog and standing water in the warehouse. The room's lights flicker and go out.
Level 2: This stage resembles an industrial tunnel. After Level 1, the player can advance to Level 2, which is harder. This is our only option. Keep calm, analyze your surroundings, and look for clues to win The Backrooms.


How to play

Using mouse

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