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About Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is the best two-player basketball game. Madpuffers' game has 3D graphics, flexible gameplay, and player upgrades.

People say that the graphics in the game Basketball Stars are detailed, deep, and careful. This is clear from the clear lines on each player's body and the rhythmic, flexible way they hit the ball, just like in real life.

Would you like to play basketball with people like LeBron James, Derrick Williams, and Stephen Curry, who are true legends? You can play against the best in Basketball Stars. Every player in this game has two options: they can play a quick match or a whole tournament. You can also play with family and friends in two-player mode, or you can play by yourself in single-player mode. It's great to win a medal and see your name on the leaderboard while you're playing.

How to play

Create groups to play 1v2 and 2v2 basketball with friends or solo. You can even become a basketball legend in tournament mode.

The goal is to score more points than your opponent by throwing the ball through the hoop. You can dunk, shoot 3-pointers, pass, steal, and smash.

Use the keyboard to throw the ball into the basket for simple level plays. You have a limited time to score goals. In 1 against. 1, you must fool your opponent into thinking you're heading one way, then switch lanes to score. When defending, you must steal the ball from your opponent.

This game lets you play against LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, James Harden, Stephen Curry, Shaquille O'Neal, Derrick Williams, and more. Each Basketball Star player has a distinct attribute, so you may construct the best squad possible.

As you play and win, you'll receive new character improvements.

How to play

Player one

  • WASD - Move
  • B - Shoot / Take Action
  • S - Pump
  • V - Super shot
  • D twice - Dash

Player two

  • Arrow keys - Move
  • L-Shoot/Take action.
  • Down Arrow - Pump
  • K-Super shot
  • Double Left Arrow-Dash

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