About is a simple sport for free Ogame theme. Dribble, shooting, scoring, winning! Get the ball and take the world with!

Show your basketball skills in this game. More than your opponent and become the champion. The game is very simple, all you have to do is touch the ball and stay away from your opponent. Then, once you have the ball, make a straight B-line for basketball players and basketball players of the opponent to score some main points. This game also has a great 3-D animation to help you enjoy and appreciate your victory. Every time you score a basket, you will be treated with a programmed animation of your character to have some large air before your opponent is like everyone.

How to play

Use your mouse to control the player.
Move around to avoid opposite players when you have the ball and hit directly when you have the ball.
Control the ball and navigate towards the glowing green rectangle to activate a point for your team.

Outstanding features

- Easy to play: Use C to
- Graphics and great effects
- 12 interesting things to open
- 10 balls
- 4 basketball fields
- You can check your ranking with other players and try.

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