About is a realistic multiplayer 2D shooter with a completely destructible terrain in which you compete for victory against other teams and players.

There are a variety of maps and game modes to pick from, as well as numerous map and game mode combinations. You can unlock over twenty different weapons by playing the game and accumulating XP points. These weapons can be used to combat adversaries.

In, all weaponry and players behave identically; however, you can alter this behavior by selecting one or two of the attainable perks. Perks can boost a variety of metrics, including weapon damage, health, weapon switching speed, weapon reloading speed, and running speed. This allows you to create a wide variety of weapon and perk combinations to suit your play style!

In the game show, new headwear and emotes can be purchased with either coins or gems. You earn coins by playing the game and collecting experience points. Gems are available for purchase at the store. Each money can purchase a distinct range of goods.

Pro Tips

Everything can be destroyed!

Utilize your RPG on maps containing roaming tanks. This will assist you and your team in defeating them. Use your RPG to demolish metal walls if you need to create a backdoor entrance.

The damage dealt by grenades to vehicles is minor, but they provide significant damage to other players.

Assist your allies with ammo and health packs, and they will assist you as well.

Additionally, the repair cannon is excellent at dismantling walls.

You can stack bonuses, which means that two of the same bonus will have double the effect.

When the game begins, the game mode is identified and described on-screen.

Purchasing any quantity of gems will eliminate all in-game advertisements. Additionally, you will be able to use emojis in your in-game display name.

How to play

Use WASD to move your character.

Aim your weapon with the mouse and shoot with the mouse button.

When you're out of ammo press R to reload.

To enter a vehicle press the E key.

To change your selected weapon either scroll the mouse or press the keyboard number keys 1, 2, 3, 4.

Press M or Tab will enlarge the map screen and plan your further moves.

And when driving a car holding space will enable the DRIFT mode ;). Use it carefully.


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