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About BattleStick

You can fight other people in a field with different weapons in BattleStick, a crazy and fun fast-paced physics-based 2D stickman MMO.

How to play

Give yourself the power of the people you've killed while pretending to be dead to trick your enemies! You are in charge of the plans, and we will keep adding new and fun features to the game to keep you entertained for hours.

To get more health, hide somewhere in the farthest part of the map. It's great to hide or fall on a new body.

You will jump very high if you run into the object quickly.

Stay away from the middle if you want to stay safe.

You should stand on the edge of the map and shoot at the new players in the middle.

Your scores go up twice as much when you are on the Top list. So, being a boss pays off.


  • To move, use the cursor.
  • Click, to shoot.
  • Arrow down, to fall and improve health. In this situation, it is impossible to shoot.

Have fun and good luck!

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