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About BattleStick 2

BattleStick 2 is the next entry in the famous series in which you battle stick figures. You may pick between two accessible mods: free for all and conquer. In free-for-all mode, the objective is to eliminate all other players. The maximum number of players in an arena is ten. Whoever wins will be crowned the winner. In conquest mode, you will attempt to seize control of the battlefield by capturing various items in an arena. There may be a maximum of 32 players per map. On the menu, you may choose weapon skins and character skins.

How to play BattleStick 2

You may play as a guest or establish an account using your social network information. Then you may choose from a variety of game modes (FFA, Capture Points, Capture The Flag, ...).

It is possible to ask your friends to form a Squad and engage in fights with you. The duration of battles is between 10 and 15 minutes.

Laughter is one of the game's most vital components, and the BattleStick franchise's formula for success combines shaky physics and the sound of dogs barking. Internet-based memes also play a significant role in BattleStick 2. Have fun!


QSD, WASD, and Arrow Keys: Movement
Shift: Change command
S: Regenerate HP and pretend to die!
E: Employ map features (teleport, level,...)
Change your weapon hand (if enabled)
Left Mouse Button: Primary Weapon activation
Use a Mouse Wheel That Can Be Thrown: Zoom in and out

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