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About BattleTabs

BattleTab! is an online strategy game in which you compete against others from across the globe. The game is played in a one-on-one manner. You will have your own fields to deploy your troops in right from the start. Your opponent will replicate your actions. During this period, you will only be able to see your own units. The objective is to eliminate your opponent's troops before they can do the same to you on a designated field. You will be able to pick between unique ammo that may be used to fire on many fields at once or to locate enemy troops more effectively. Therefore, let's fight!

BattleTabs is inspired by the simplicity of ancient boardgames such as Battleships and the richness of current collectable card games such as Hearthstone. It is simple to pick up and play, with ship powers and a unique construction mechanism that allows players to assemble their own fleet for battle.

A game may be played in real-time or asynchronously over the course of many days. Additionally, players may establish private matches to play with their friends or generate unique match URLs to invite anybody to participate.

How to play Battle Tab

Use the mouse to interact with the game.


- Condensed gameplay, excellent for resting in seconds between missions
- Exciting multiplayer combat with specialized ships and skills
- Construct your own fleet with the ships you've acquired. - Play many matches simultaneously. - Display your Top Sites and most visited sites on the new tab page, as well as the search bar, for easier access.
We may include advertisements inside the product to promote the development of the game. We will ensure that they do not distract from the overall gaming experience!

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