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About BitLife Life Simulator

BitLife Life Simulator is a puzzle game that may be played online. Simply begin having fun, you just only to click the large play button. 

BitLife is a life simulation game where players control the whole life of a stranger. BITLIFE

Simulator games like this one have easy gameplay. Instead of talking, this game lets you pick actions for each character. At 18, you'll choose a character's college major or army service. lets people try out what would happen if they majored in acting or what they would do when they are old by using a list of instructions, random events, and humor.

How to play

The bitlife online free is simple: choose acts that fit the character's age. Play it on PC or phone—convenient!

BitLife begins in a random country with parents chosen to raise you. Only a doctor could expose you to the world as a newborn. Age opens up the world. Four-year-olds can ask for money or spend time with their parents. Six-year-olds enter primary school.

How to play

Left mouse


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