About is a free parkour and platforming io game. The game is a combination of the best part of Minecraft game and other games like Roblox and In this game, your goal may vary depending on the game mode you choose.

DoodleCube: Create objects and build structures according to the given theme. In each round, you have about 8 minutes to create things. You can use 10 different types of blocks.

BloxdHop: Run, jump, turn, and make your way to the end of the map without falling to the demise. Collect gold and use them to buy upgrades like double jump, speed boost to progress further in the game.

EvilTower: Do whatever it takes to reach the top and win the game.

Release date

February 2021

Developer was developed by MCArth.

How to play

WASD to move.

Shift / double W to run.

C to crouch.

T / Enter to chat.

B to open shop.

/ to start command.

In DoodleCube:

Right click to place blocks.

Left click to destroy placed blocks.

Number keys to switch blocks.

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