Get to the end of by setting off bombs that kill all of your opponents.

How to play

Bloons World is a really easy game. You destroy brick walls and collect boosters to make the explosions stronger and increase the number and speed of bombs you can use. To have fun and get points, you can also blow up other gamers. After you destroy the last brick on the map, you'll start a new game, but your scores will be saved and added up from one game to the next.

You need to put the bomb in place, then leave and wait for it to go off. Explosion breaks down the wall and finds useful boosters that make the blast wave last longer, let you install more bombs, speed up your movement, and make it more likely that your bombs will set off a chain reaction. One goal is to use explosions to kill other players and get points. That's it, you lose one point and the game keeps going.

Have fun and good luck!

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