About is a fun combination of puzzle and skill game elements. You may move utilizing the bomb's recoil since you are a block-type figure. In, you play as a cube-shaped figure who must navigate through stages including obstacles. You must toss bombs and utilize recoil to force yourself ahead in order to advance. The objective of each level is to reach the green door, which grants access to the next level. As you go through the game, the tasks grow more tough and demand greater time and expertise to achieve.

To increase the difficulty, each level is rated from one to three stars depending on your performance. You must be at the top of your game in order to obtain the greatest score, which demands you to finish each level fast and effectively. If you like puzzle games that involve exact movement and timing, you should certainly give a go!

How to Play

Bombhopper, your grenade launcher will cause you to self-destruct. Using the mouse to carefully place the trajectory of your bomb, you may explode it to drive yourself past the finish line. Sometimes, you will be required to crawl over, under, around, or even through obstacles. Be cautious not to fire yourself off the platform, and reach the finish line before your ammunition runs out. You cannot reload the game, but you may skip a level by viewing the advertisements that show between them.

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