About is a car-based io game developed by the same team behind Manage your vehicle and hurl your flag at other players! Get energy from diverse sources to expand your flag, become number one, and control the arena in this abstract world where a black hole could engulf you.

How to play

Playable but difficult to master. Click to lower your flag, then click again to retrieve it. If you are too preoccupied, the green guards will siphon your energy.

The game is based on pure 2D physics, and after some time you will feel in complete control of your vehicle and flag. You will build your own cunning plans for capturing your foes, such as forcing them against the wall, waiting for them at the entrance to the central room, or ambushing them in the center. your car and flag. Join this brilliant 2D physics game and compete against millions of players from across the world in real-time.


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