About is a gory, fast-paced arena fighting game. One arena, numerous adversaries, one enormous conflict! As with our games, you'll enter the arena with gamers from all over the world. Hit these other players with your colossal hammer and wreak havoc on your rampage of destruction. There are numerous character and weapon enhancements that render you unstoppable on the battlefield. Dominate and destroy them all, then enter a new lobby and begin the process again! Join other players and defeat them all to be the sole survivor and the winner of the game. Have fun!


  • Health system: a player requires several hits before they can be eliminated
  • Blood effects
  • A level system to access more upgrades for your weapons and character
  • Many different characters and weapon appearance
  • Achievements to earn bonus coins

PRO TIP: Focus on collecting orbs and upgrading your weapons early! Good weapons are the key to the best multi-skill score!


How to play

  • Move your mouse to move
  • Left mouse button to attack
  • Right mouse button to sprint

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