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About Bubble Fight.io

Bubble Fight.io is a match-3 game where you try to shoot as many bubbles that are the same as possible to beat the other player. Shoot your ball into groups of three or more to score and lower the health bar of your opponent.

How to play Bubble Fight.io

You play as the animal at the bottom of the screen and use the mouse to aim and shoot bubbles at the pile of bubbles in the middle. The goal is to hit or make a group of at least three identical bubbles of the same color.

By doing this, you lower your opponent's health bar, which must be completely low for you to win, while preventing the same thing from happening to you. Two people take it in turns to shoot their bubbles.

Use your mouse to aim and shoot. When you're not making groups or hitting them, you can tilt the bubbles by hitting them in different places, and sometimes new bubbles will appear. More play.

Also, you only have a certain amount of time each turn to take your shot. We wish you luck and hope you beat as many players as possible. Don't stop here, though, because there's always more fun to find on our site.


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