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About BumpyBall.io

BumpyBall.io is a multiplayer car soccer game with a fast pace. Your goal is to use your bumper ball to knock opponents off the stage.  When you beat a ball, you will get bigger.

How to play BumpyBall.io

Join the league and use your rocket-powered football cars to score as many goals as you can. Try to be the last person to laugh on the map by eliminating all of your opponents. 

To reach that goal, all you have to do is bump into other balls and push them off the platforms. So, you can push other people off the platform with more force. Try to get rid of at least one ball as soon as the game starts to get ahead. Move away from the edge of the platform. When you push a ball or get pushed by a ball, move quickly to the middle of the platform to stay safe. Don't let your enemies kill you in any way. One way to beat your competitors is to hit them where it hurts: in the back.

Every time you defeat one of your opponents, you will grow a little more, making you stronger and stronger. Customize your ball with a distinct skin from the others and move from one side to the other, chasing your opponents and avoiding falling off the cliff at all costs.


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