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About Bunk.Town

Bunk Town is a free online game that you may play. We would like to welcome you to a multiplayer survival game that takes place in a town that has been devastated by a horrible disease. Your objective is to stay alive, get enough money, and make it inside the infamous Bunkfort Bunker if at all possible.

Those who are just starting out should have no trouble making money by cleaning up rubbish or slaughtering chickens. If the player has enough money, they should go to the grocery and stock up on the essential drinks and food items they will need to live. Combating non-player characters and other players, obtaining stuff to sell at map areas, and doing so all constitute strategies for increasing one's financial gain. You must defeat each of the map's bosses in order to get unique and valuable loot.

Do every effort to stay alive throughout the epidemic. Earning money with activities such as cleaning up garbage or slaughtering chickens is a good place to start. Following that, if you have the funds, you may go to the shop and buy the food and beverages that are necessary for their continued existence. It is possible to gain extra income by engaging in combat with other players and by defeating NPCs in order to get things that may be sold at various map areas. Across the globe, there are several bosses that must be vanquished in order to get unique and special goods.

How to control

Use the WASD key to move
Left-click to attack/use items
SPACE to skim through
Use the Q / E / Move keys to switch items
Use the B KEY to buy items
USE MOUSE to manage your items
Drag the mouse out of the inventory to drop the items you are holding


Your progress will be automatically saved whenever the game is closed! Nevertheless, this saving is only applicable to the browser that you are using. If you want your progress to be the same across several browsers, you will need to store your things in a public safe at the Bunkfort and then retrieve them in the other browser. To do this, head to the Bunkfort Safes and save your stuff there.

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