About (Cubic Castles) is an open world MMO game.  The goal of the game will be build the world around you using bricks. Come on, let's play!

How to play

In Castles.CC, you can build your own world out of cubes and change the shape of the land. Explore different lands and mine them. You can mine resources, craft items, build farms, and do other things on new lands. You can drive cars just for fun or to compete in races. In PvP wand battles, you can also fight other players.

For world-building events, add pets and make new realms. Have your pets follow you around, feed them, or just use them while you're building your amazing realms.

That's okay, because Cubic Castles has more to offer than just building worlds. You can enter free building contests, make things, or play free online parkour games.


WASD+Mouse, or arrow keys+mouse

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