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About CastleWars

CastleWars is a great game to play with other people. Go to a magical land where buildings float on clouds and fight a lot of other people.

How to play

In this fun action game, your kingdom is stuck in the sky, and you have to guide your castle through the clouds to defeat dragons, drakes, or other players and their own castles.

The game is different because you have to be able to shoot accurately and quickly. Your arrows' speed and how long you charged them up both play a role. Since your arrows go farther when you move while shooting, this is a great way to catch people. Every type of shot is different and has a different effect on the game.


The WASD or arrow keys let you move your castle around.

Pressing the left mouse button will make your move stronger.

Pressing the right mouse button will make you run away from danger.

Have fun and good luck!

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