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About Catac.IO is an amazing game in which intruders are present all over the place and you are tasked with eliminating them using your knives. Increase the sharpness of your knives and drive out any unwanted guests.

Cats are widely considered to be the cutest animals, but things change when they are involved in a game. If they let their rage take over, there is no one who can stop them! In, you'll face off against impostors once more, but this time it'll be an epic catfight in outer space! Intruders are lurking in the shadows and can be found anywhere. Put your knife to good use and dispose of them before they can kill you!

You can run if you hold down the left mouse button while you do so. Remember that your stamina won't be very high at the beginning of the battle, so plan accordingly. Because of this, the stamina bar ought to be positioned above the level bar at the base of the screen. You can only progress through the game by eliminating other cats. Your endurance will increase as you progress through the levels. Have the best of luck!

Are you well-prepared to engage in this fight, which is unlike any other? I hope you make it through this ordeal alive! Keep an eye out for the leaderboard, which is located on the left side of the screen; it's important that you pay attention to it!

In the battle of the space cats, you must defend yourself against the impostor. Beating each level will allow you to upgrade your weapons, score more points, and earn more coins, which can be used to unlock Among Us accessories!


How to play

You can use your mouse and play this game


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