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The multiplayer game Chess Arena combines chess, survival, army building, and conquest. The objective is to keep your king alive for as long as possible to improve your score and grab the top spot on the scoreboard. Move your King and then your other chess pieces in accordance with the rules; you will be allowed to move again after a little delay. Find gold money and treasures by exploring the map. The gold coins will be used to purchase additional chess pieces (rook, bishop, knight, queen) that will help you to extend your army and have more influence over the map. The chests will include perks like as explosives, stones to lay on the map, and stealth-enhancing bushes. The game's landscape is expansive and has several biomes, each with their unique characteristics; for example, the desert is dry while the marshes will slow you down. The more coins you have, the more diverse and numerous your strategic options will be. You may demonstrate cunning by devising strategies to permanently remove your opponents from the game.

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How to play Chess Arena

Use the left mouse button to move your pieces
WASD or right mouse button to control camera movement
More key mappings may be found in the game's settings.

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