About is a hand-picked online action game. We have to say that this is one of our favorite mobile action games. In this game, eat food to get bigger as you try to survive as long as possible. Move around the map consuming as much food as you can while using your sword to fight other players. As you try to become the biggest and baddest player on the server, dash forward to dodge attacks.

It's best to avoid direct clashes with other players when you're just starting out. Instead, focus on collecting fruit and sweets: they will grant you XP that will add up over time and help you level up to become bigger. You can also get experience by squashing bugs. After some time, you will get much stronger and your weapon will have a much longer range, at which point you will be able to engage in battle with other people.

The controls, like any other game of this type, are fairly intuitive and simple to learn: move your mouse cursor to travel in a specific direction, click LMB to attack, and RMB to speed up. The speed increase will cost you experience points, but it is sometimes the only way to survive.

Are you prepared to participate in some of the most exciting online battles? In Chompers io, join a server using Kevin Games, collect as many goodies as you can, grow bigger and stronger than you ever thought, and defeat your enemies.

How to play

The mouse or keyboard, or occasionally both, is typically used to control these kinds of online games.

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