About is a fun and exciting game that puts players in control of a unique weapon - an ordinary sausage that has the power to take down any character it touches. As you navigate through the game's arena, your main objective is to collect as many colorful balls as possible. These balls not only give you experience points but also help to increase your size.

How to play

As your size increases, you'll find that you're able to attack your enemies from a much greater distance, making it easier to take them down and gain an advantage in the game. In addition to this, players also have the opportunity to accelerate, which can be incredibly useful when trying to outrun or catch up to an opponent. However, the acceleration boost is short-lived and will quickly run out if not used wisely.

To replenish your acceleration boost, you'll need to collect more balls. These balls are scattered throughout the arena, and players will need to move quickly and strategically to collect as many as possible. To keep track of your acceleration stock, there's a panel at the bottom of the screen that displays your current status.

The ultimate goal of is to kill as many opponents as possible while collecting as many balls as you can. With each kill and each ball collected, players can climb up the leaderboard and become the ultimate champion of the game. So, grab your sausage weapon and get ready for some intense and addictive gameplay in!

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