About is a free online multiplayer game. Welcome to an addicting online multiplayer IO game in which you operate a massive truck on a farm that collects grains. Start driving throughout the fields on your combine and gather as much grain as possible. Be cautious and make every effort to avoid colliding with other vehicles, walls, or other automotive components. utilises some of the most popular and time-tested multiplayer mechanics of the world's best io games, including a top-down perspective, quick respawn, mouse control, and simple keyboard controls. This online game stands out because to its odd subject, excellent graphics and animations, and secondary purpose of gathering crops. The more wheat you acquire, the more trailers will be tied to your combo, making it more difficult for other players to avoid colliding with you. They will die instantaneously and lose all their progress as a result. If you can survive long enough, a large number of cars will soon be left behind, and the proportion of wheat you collect will approach 100!


How to play

Use the mouse and function keys or see the in-game tutorial. 


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