Cool Snakes. io is a 3D snake game set in a snowy environment. Become the game's largest snake by consuming other snakes and expanding. Collect power-ups to grow more quickly. Take command of a cube-shaped snake and outwit your opponents in the arena. Like from Voodoo! Best of luck!

You control a snake, which may be envisioned as a toy railway, a convoy, and in a variety of various skins. Your objective is to accumulate bulk and grow in size. This is accomplished by consuming a large quantity of ordinary resources and game cards.

There are a big number of players on the map with you, each of them is attempting to beat your results and win the game by points. As your opponent expands on the map, it gets congested, and you will inevitably face other players. It is essential to remember that any contact you initiate with an opponent will result in your loss. Your opponent will suffer the same fate if he touches you on his own.

You may use a number of methods and tactics to eradicate your enemies off the map. Substitute your own body while under assault, enclosing the adversary and preventing him from moving. If you accomplish everything well and your opponent loses, an abundance of resources will come in his place, which you may consume to grow in size.

How to play Cool

Use your mouse to play and control your snake in the .io multiplayer world

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