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About Corn Hole 3D

Corn Hole is an enjoyable three-dimensional lawn game in which participants take turns hurling 16-ounce sacks of maize kernels into a raised board with a hole on the opposite side. Compete against the opponent by tossing the sack into the hole and scoring more points than the opponent. Take a break on sunny days on the farm and play Corn Hole 3D!

You can begin the first level to understand the game's mechanics. To fire, hold the bag and slide it through the field. You have four turns to outscore the opponent. One point is awarded for placing the bag on the board, while three points are awarded for bringing it through the opening. Adapt to the obstacles and environment of varying levels and continue to defeat your opponents. Unlock tournament matches by completing levels, and for more difficult matches, deposit coins. You can earn twice as much if you win these contests. To customize the game, visit the game store and acquire new costumes for your characters, purses, and boards. Join the premier league and acquire all costumes to determine your playing style.

How to play Corn Hole

Swipe your bag and toss it into the board's opening.


Nice 3D imaging
Characters, luggage, and board outfits that can be unlocked
Surprising capabilities and behaviors
Excessive quantities
Available on mobile

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