About is a team survival game in which you must gather resources and fight enemies to win. The primary objective of Crazy Steve is to amass as many points as possible so that you may collect all of the apples and diamonds that appear on the map. If you gather the diamonds, you will get more experience, and if you collect the apples, you will be able to replenish your health. You get a little more power with each successive level you complete. Along with the volume, your Crazy Steve io's capacity to gather apples and glasses improves. On the other hand, you increasingly slow down and become exposed to opponents who are more nimble as the volume increases. The season for hunting was promptly opened by the top players, and players searched the playing surface for 'fat.' Therefore, the competition will grow more intense as you gain more points.

How to play
Steve makes his way in the direction of the pointer.
Attack using the left mouse button, Steve.
By using the right mouse button, Steve was able to speed up. Strategy
The most effective plan is to take out the most powerful competitors, but if you succeed, would they eliminate you as well?

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