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In Crowded game, there is a city filled with blank people. By ordering a group of individuals to gather every person on the street, you can make the city's most populous area. To have them change colors and blend in with your crowd, just move the character toward neutral (gray) people. Try to keep your party under control because other players may sneak in, take some of your resources, and eliminate you from the round. If you already have a greater following, you can only conquer other players and swoop in to take over their crowd.

Crowd City is a straightforward but entertaining player-driven game that lets you build a vibrant city. Try to defeat opponents from all over the world in this multiplayer game by capturing the city. Play for the longest amount of time to subdue the city's populace. The individual in charge of the biggest crowd at the end of the time frame is the winner.

Get the most followers worldwide by becoming the most well-liked individual in a congested city. Demonstrate that your group is the most powerful in the area!


How to play


Use mouse to control movement


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